President 2020


Needless to say, 2020 should be a stellar year for Democrats, if, BIG IF, we choose the best candidate to represent us, or, to put it another way, the candidate that can beat 45. Share your thoughts on these questions:

Question 1: If the Primary Election was tomorrow, whom would you pick?

Question 2: Of the 18 Candidates left (down from 26!!!!!), whom might you pair-up as President/Vice President?

Here’s one more for you. The image above depicts the 18 candidates per their logos, in no particular order, simply how they fit in. Honestly, how many of these folk can you IDENTIFY BY HOME STATE? No Googling!


dropped2OJEDA, 48 – January dropout. Didn’t have ability to continue.

SWALWELL, 38 – July dropout; seeking 5th term in House where he represents Northern California’s East Bay

INSLEE, 68 – August dropout will seek 3rd Gubernatorial term in Washington 

HICKENLOOPER, 67 – August dropout. Will run for Republican- held seat in Colorado in 2020.

MOULTON, 41 – August dropout, will run for House re-election.

GILLIBRAND, 52 – August dropout – failed to qualify for September debate.

deBLASIO, 58 – September dropout – unable to qualify for October debate.

RYAN, 46 – October dropout. Will run for re-election for Ohio House seat.

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