Membership in the Willingboro Democratic Club is open to anyone in the local area that believes in the Democratic way. Our activities include recruitment and retention of active District Chairs within our voting districts, providing active dialog on issues or election informational forums, get out the vote drives, fundraisers and volunteering on Democratic candidate campaigns.

We continually seek residents who are active Democrats or who are disenfranchised with other political parties, and encourage them to join the Willingboro Democratic Club. The Committee will follow up on new residents who show an interest in the Democratic Club, and will provide support and services to the members of our Club.

Please join us on the Fourth Thursday of every month, at 8:00 pm, at the JFK Center in Willingboro. We will discuss issues related to upcoming events and elections at the National, State, County and Local levels.


Our members are teachers, Realtors, business owners, attorneys, caregivers, hair stylists, insurance agents, dog-walkers, interior designers, bartenders, housewives, artists, musicians, househusbands, retirees, college kids, and teenagers still in high school.  We’re a big mixed bag of dedicated individuals from throughout the Township, representing every variety of good people in this wonderfully diverse community.  Everyone is welcome! 


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