As important as it is to cast your vote, if is equally important to contact those who represent you to discuss issues that affect you. We have provided names and contact information for your convenience.

    Believe it or not, the best way to contact your elected officials is by phone as this works better than written communication like letters or email. This is because the person on the other line has to listen to what you have to say. They can’t just skim the words like they could with a letter. Phone calls may also take less time for a staff member to respond to. A well-timed call can be especially influential when combined with calls from colleagues on the same issue. This shows elected officials that the public really cares about a problem, and often affects how they choose to vote for a particular law. Elected officials keep track of how many people call about each problem. Members of Congress have national and district offices; members of the State Legislature may also have more than one office. If you have to choose, call the district office closest to where you live. The person you talk to will not be your elected official, but someone who works for them, and it is their job to let the elected official know your concerns. Before you call, prepare a script so you know what you want to say; keep your call short and easily understandable.

    You will likely be asked if you are a constituent living in the area that your elected official represents, and more importantly, where you cast your vote.

    The elected official will likely respond to your call with a letter about how they feel about the issue you are calling about. If there is a specific law that you would like to talk with your elected official about, include the name of that law (or bill number) in your call.